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Kinard Teacher Directory

Name Subject Phone Room Web Page
Ashe, Katie 6th Grade Science/Technology 970-488-5459 315 page
Barhaug, Brenda Math ALP Specialist for GT and Gifted Co-Coordinator for Kinard 970-488-5447 306
Bean, Elizabeth 6th Grade English 970-488-5468 311 page
Benge, Kari ART - 6 & 7th grade 970-488-5453 408 page
Benson, Jacob 6th and 7th Grade Health & Physical Education 970-488-5446 GYM \ 508 page
Blakey, Kara 6th Grade English 970-488-5470 308 page
Blank, Brad 7th Grade Science + 8th Grade Electives 970-488-5454 420 page
Bonertz, Cecilia 7th and 8th Grade Math 970-488-5450 404 page
Darrow, Nicole 7th Grade History 970-488-5481 416 page
Dern, William 7th Grade Mathematics 970 488-5456 407 page
Downing, Pam 7th Grade English and Honors English 970-488-5472 414 page
Durkin, Shelley 6th and 8th Grade Art 970-488-5448 509 page
Effler, Sophia 6th, 7th, and 8th Integrated Services 970-488-5422 403
Ferrell, Kathy 8th Grade ScienceGLobal Leadership  970-488-5474 524 page
Fischer, Mary Beth 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade French. 970-488-5486 323 page
Forsythe, Renée 6th Grade Art 8th Grade Creative Foods & Sewing 970-488-5417 300 page
Gillespie, Ronda 6th Grade History 970-488-5465 313 page
Griffey, Leanne 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Orchestra 970-488-5483 710 page
Grigg, Wendi 7th and 8th Grade History 970-488-5482 508 page
Hollinger, Jessica 6th Grade History/Geography/Science 970-488-5489 312 page
Husted, Leslie 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Spanish Teacher 970-488-5400 Varied page
Keever, Kari 8th grade Science and Science Adventures 970-488-5452 526 page
Lardner, Bradford 7th Grade English 970-488-5457 417 page
LaRue, Erin 6th, 7th, & 8th grades- Spanish Teacher (970) 488-5478 413 page
Laughlin, Tara 6th Grade English/Technology 970-488-5421 307 page
Lawrence, Ted Computer Technology 970-488-5428 409 page
Lewis, Robert 8th Grade Technology/Engineering/Broadcasting 970-488-5467 510 page
Limon, Barry 8th Grade Physical Education 970-488-5423 603 page
Matkin, Lindsey 6th, 7th and 8th Grades Spanish 970-488-5461 517 page
McGregor, Jana 8th Grade Mathematics 970-488-5469 504 page
Menard, Megan 8th Grade English & Honors, Creative Writing 970-488-5480 519 page
Morgan, Jeanne 7th Grade Comprehensive Health & Physical Education 970-488-5471 608 page
Morgan, Jimmy 8th Grade History 970-488-5487 520 page
Morris, Kirstan Language Arts ALP Specialist for GT and Gifted Co-Coordinator for Kinard 306
Parker, Steven Ray 8th Grade English and Yearbook 970-488-5476 516 page
Perez, Mike Beginning, 7th Grade, Concert and Symphonic Band 970-488-5477 712 page
Raugewitz, Matt 6th Grade Math 970-488-5484 320 page
Rosenkrance, Janie 6th Grade Math (970) 488-5455 322 page
Skinner, Mandy 6th Grade Math Teacher  970-488-5485 320 page
Tracy, Shelley 7th Grade Science 970-488-5479 422 page
Wheeler, Scott Choir and Drama 970-488-5488 711 page

Kinard Office Directory

Name Position Phone Room
Arnold, Marnie Media Technician  970-488-5418 Media Center
Barry, Eric Head Custodian 970-488-5443 706
Bell, Jill Counseling Secretary  970-488-5416 204
Bergmann, Chris Assistant Principal 970-488-5410 Main Office
Branaman, Lisa Literacy Paraprofessional
Cuddemi, Joe Principal 970-488-5403 Main Office
Garnett, Ansley Integrated Services 970-488-5473 403
Hyatt, Christine Bookkeeper/Athletic Secretary 970-488-5406 Main Office
Irvine, Karen Karen is excited to join the Kinard staff and community this year as a counselor.Karen grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and certainly is a Husker fan, but loves calling Fort Collins home. After getting her Bachelors Degree at the University of Nebraska in social science education she taught in Illinois for a couple of years but then came to CSU to pursue a masters of counseling.  Sunset Middle School in Longmont was her first counseling experience and then she had the opportunity to move to the Chicagoland area and counsel at a large high school for 11 years.  After returning to Fort Collins 4 years ago she has been a counselor at Thompson Valley High School in Loveland.  Throughout the years she has coached basketball and sponsored a variety of clubs and peer programs.  Outside of school Karen is focused on her two kids, Danica, 9, and Nathan, 8 and they enjoy doing outdoor activities, going to Fort Collins events, and being with friends.  In addition, Karen loves playing and watching sports. 970-488-5408 Counseling Office
Julian, Heather Health Technician 970-488-5441 205
Klock, Susan Registrar 970-488-5414 200
Limon, Lori Academic Dean 970-488-5407 203
Louk, Dianne Instructional Paraprofessional  970-488-5419 Media Center
Morrill, Jesse Assistant Principal  970-488-5415 Main Office
Russell, Joel Building Technology Coordinator 970-488-5442 302E
Varn, Theresa Office Manager 970-488-5405 Main Office