Gifted and Talented

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GT Site Coordinator Shannon Smith
Kinard Gifted and Talented Site

​Definition of Gifted and Talented

Gifted children means those persons between the ages of five and twenty-one whose abilities, talents, and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require special provisions to meet their educational needs. Gifted students include gifted students with disabilities (i.e. twice exceptional) and students with exceptional abilities or potential from all socio-economic and ethnic, cultural populations.

Gifted students are capable of high performance, exceptional production, or exceptional learning behavior by virtue of any or a combination of these areas of giftedness:

  • General intellectual ability
  • Specific academic aptitude
  • Creative, productive thinking
  • Leadership and human relations skills
  • Visual and performing arts identification

PSD’s Vision for GT Students

All gifted Poudre School District students are identified by their strength areas and needs. Educational programming is designed and implemented to match their identified needs. Student progress and achievement is monitored through on-going dynamic assessment. Teachers of gifted students participate in professional development to increase knowledge, skills and understanding of gifted students and required instruction.

Click on this link to learn about the Identification of Gifted and Talented Students in PSD

Kinard’s Mission for Gifted and Talented Education

Kinard traditionally has 200+ students who are identified as Gifted and Talented and thus qualify for an Advanced Learning Plan.  We develop authentic  ALPs for each GT student.  In the fall, our GT Site Coordinator analyzes all academic data for incoming 6th graders and other students new to the district to ensure fidelity to the identification process.