CMAS Testing Information

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 All students in Poudre School District and the state of Colorado take the CMAS assessments. Students will take CMAS assessments in math, English, science (8th grade only), and social studies (7th grade only). All CMAS assessments are computer-based, therefore it is critical that students bring their PSD assigned laptops to school each testing day. Please help your child to remember to charge his/her computer each night and to bring the charging cord to school along with the laptop on CMAS days.

At Kinard, the CMAS assessments will take place on the following days/times:

Click the links below for a detailed daily student schedule for each testing day:

*Students will receive a printed copy of the CMAS assessment schedules during ELO on Wednesday, March 28th.

Additional CMAS notes:

The CMAS assessment is designed to measure student mastery of Colorado’s academic content standards. Colorado’s academic content standards indicate skills and knowledge necessary to prepare students for success from early school readiness to postsecondary competencies, including both workforce readiness and 21st century skills. Student progress toward these outcomes is measured through CMAS, which provides information to Kinard teachers as they use content standards to guide their daily instruction. At Kinard, we use the data to find trends and to dig deeper into student growth. Additionally, the CMAS assessments provide us with data for each school’s state performance rating and for individual teacher growth ratings. Furthermore, the state assessments are another great opportunity for students to practice taking high-stakes tests.

These assessments provide us with excellent information about your child’s individual growth in math, English, science, and social studies. Ultimately, CMAS is another very important way we, Kinard staff, get better. The data is invaluable. Our school is an amazing place and we want to continue to see it grow and improve.

  • It is critical that students bring fully charged laptops and charging cords to school on CMAS days.
  • On CMAS assessment days, students will still go to their regular classes, but on an alternate schedule.
  • On the days students are not being assessed, we will have a regular odd or even schedule.
  • Students may bring reading material (sorry, no e-books) as they will be allowed to read or rest quietly after completing each assessment.
  • Water bottles are also allowed as long as they’re kept away from computers.
  • For a successful CMAS experience, please encourage your child to get plenty of rest the night before, eat a healthy breakfast to fuel his/her brain, and bring a positive attitude to show what he/she knows.

If you have any questions regarding our CMAS schedule, please contact Erin LaRue, Assistant Principal/Assessment Coordinator, at or (970) 488-5410. We appreciate your support!