Phase 4 at Kinard

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Dear Kinard Families,

We are excited to have students back in our school full-time after Spring Break! Please read below for important information on how Phase 4 will work at Kinard.

Please watch this Phase 4 video and take time to read our comprehensive safety and health protocols in Phase 4 before your child returns to school after Spring Break.

Here are some important Phase 4 highlights to be aware of:

Arrival: Please do not arrive to school before 8:00 a.m., unless you are planning to eat breakfast at Kinard. Please remember that with our full student body attending all 5 days, the traffic oval will be busier. Following these traffic guidelines is critical to ensuring safety during drop-off and pick-up. Thank you for your support!

  • Students eating breakfast may arrive as early as 7:45 a.m. and enter through the music doors.
  • Students not eating breakfast will enter the building through the main doors and go straight to their second period classroom. Class will start at 8:15 a.m.
  • If your child has band or orchestra in fourth quarter, they will be permitted to enter through the music doors at 8:00 a.m. to store their instrument in a music locker.

Phase 4 Safety Protocols:

  • All students and staff will still be required to wear a mask in the building at all times.
  • We will continue to have students seated in rows, facing the same direction, and distanced apart as much as possible. Larimer County guidance is to maintain a distance of 3-6 feet from others.
  • When 3 feet of distance is not possible, we will use plastic barriers to provide an added level of separation from others. Because students in science classes sit at tables and conduct labs, they will also wear face shields for protection.
  • Any student who would like to wear a face shield, in addition to their mask, can pick one up from the main office.


  • Students will sit at an assigned seat in either the cafeteria or small gym for indoor lunches.
  • We will utilize plastic barriers during indoor lunch times.
  • When weather permits, we will encourage students to eat outdoors at a distance of 6 feet from others.
  • Contact Tracing in Phase 4: As we are doing in Phase 3, when we have a positive COVID-19 case in our school, we are required to contact trace to determine any close contacts (within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more with masks on or within 12 feet with masks off- for example, at lunch).
  • If a student is identified as a close contact, they will be required to shift to remote learning for a 10-day period.

Remote Learning in Phase 4:

  • If a student is shifted to remote learning or is not feeling well, they will be able to access their classes from home.
  • What this looks like will vary somewhat by subject area. Generally, students will be able to view what is happening in class via a “broadcast.”
  • A broadcast will serve as a one-way window into the classroom; teachers will be focused on their in-person students and are not expected to interact with students accessing the broadcast. The broadcasts serve as a complement to the learning materials students access online through their Google Classrooms/Teacher Learning Pages (teacher notes, presentation slides, reading materials, etc.).

Packing your backpack:

  • Don’t forget to include your laptop and charger, a jacket/warm weather gear, and a water bottle when packing for school. We also recommend bringing your own microfiber towel, if possible, to help sanitize desk areas at the end of each class. Students will not have access to drinking fountains, lockers, or microwaves in Phase 4, so planning ahead to bring a refillable water bottle and appropriate lunch items will be important. For those bringing your lunch from home, we also are not able to provide utensils, so please pack what you need in your lunchbox.


  • Don’t forget to have a clean and well-fitting mask to wear in the school building. We also recommend having a backup mask in your backpack should your mask get soiled or damaged during the school day.