6th Grade Homework

The homework calendar below is a reference tool to be used as a guide for tracking all assignments and due dates at Kinard.  While this calendar is intended to help assist parents and students in the learning process, it may not reflect a comprehensive snapshot of a student’s daily responsibilities.  Kinard students are required to bring their planner to class and record all classroom homework expectations daily.  Please check individual teacher websites for a more in-depth perspective of each class, especially if your child has been absent from class.

Subject Teachers
Bean | Blakey | Graham
Raugewitz | Rosenkrance | Skinner
Ashe | Gillespie | Watkins
Fischer | Hanson | Husted | Murphy
Griffey | Perez | Wheeler
Anaya | Choromanski
Grenier | Lawrence | McGonagil (7th and 8th Grade)

**All assignments below are listed on the date in which they were assigned.  These assignments are typically due at the beginning of the next class day unless otherwise indicated in the description box when clicking on a particular assignment.  If you have specific questions regarding one of the homework assignments listed, please contact the teacher directly.