Dress Code

At Kinard, we follow the PSD dress code, which can be found in the 2020-21 Student Rights and Code of Conduct booklet. These guidelines help to ensure cleanliness, health, safety, and preservation of a positive learning environment. Students at Kinard are encouraged to dress in a neat and appropriate manner that reflects pride in themselves and their school. Clothing should permit the student to participate in all school-related activities, regardless of weather. Not all current fashion trends can be worn to school.

  • Clothing must cover the back, midriff, chest, and buttocks and should not reveal personal garments.
  • Shirts with no straps or very narrow straps, or shirts too revealing are not appropriate attire for a school setting; short shorts and skirts also fall into this category.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Hats should be removed when inside the building, unless part of a celebration/event or necessary for an individual due to special circumstances.
  • Backpacks may not be worn during the school day and need to be kept in lockers.

If a student does not meet the dress code expectations, the student and an adult will have a respectful conversation to address the issue of appropriate clothing at school.  After the conversation, the student may be sent to the office and asked to call home in order to have the appropriate clothing brought to school.  If the student continues to violate the dress code, there may be disciplinary consequences.