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Andy Arvola is the building technology coordinator/Systems Site Manager at Kinard Middle School.  Before working in the information technology field, Andy spent the previous 20+ years managing retail stores such as GoJo Sports, Sports Authority, Radio Shack, Famous Footwear and Office Depot.  Recently, Andy had changed careers to the information technology field when he was hired by Weld County School District 6 where he worked as a district Tech for two and a half years until moving to Kinard.    He loves to golf, bowl and watch many other sports when not working at Kinard or working on his many collected computer systems originating from 1980's through the present.   He has systems that use Commodore OS, Mac OS, Dos, Windows and Linux.  Andy looks forward to working with each teacher and student at Kinard an ensuring the stability of their systems.

Live Long and Prosper