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My name is Chase Rollings and I am excited to be a teacher at Kinard teaching History and Science.  I have a History and Philosophy degree from San Francisco State University and completed my teaching certificate at San Jose State University.  In the time between my undergrad and teacher certification, I joined the Peace Corps. Twice.  Spending years in both Madagascar and Ethiopia, I worked in various communities, learned new languages, and fulfilled my love of travel and exploration.  I enjoy sharing my Peace Corps experiences with my students and by doing so hope to foster a curiosity about our world.

Personal Interests and Hobbies:

Not particularly in this order... I enjoy spending time with my family, playing soccer, watching Liverpool FC, Going to the Zoo, frequenting museums, listening to and playing music, hiking/strolling, biking, snowboarding, history, science, documentaries, Dinosaurs, trees, Golden State Warriors, and teaching.