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It is my pleasure to be the long-term substitute for Hannah Zwakenberg for Creative Foods. I was lucky enough to complete my student teaching experience here at Kinard; it's my wish to never leave! Colorado State University granted me my degree, giving me lots of amazing opportunities along the way. It is my hope that my students will walk away with a pep in their step, knowing that their passions matters in this world and that they can contribute in an influential way even when failure looks them in the eye. 

Personal Pursuits:

Along with my passion for teaching, I just love working with youth. I am a freshman girls volleyball coach for a travel team called ClubOne. I am also a professional photographer and graphic designer through my business called Kelly Photo & Design. It's so fun to get to work with families and high school seniors to capture their special milestones. I grew up in a small town in central Illinois, teaching me how to build rapport with everyone I talked to. That's just what Midwesterners do. Some of my hobbies include hiking, skiing, reading, walking my Springer Spaniel, being with family, and being creative. 

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Creative Foods

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This course is designed to prepare middle school students to gain life skills and independence. Lots of choices are ahead of all of us. How can we make choices that set us up for happiness and success? When life throws a tear in our shirt, will we try to fix it? I also want students to think about the world in a more comprehensive way, knowing that our actions impact others. My class is expected to treat others with respect and an open mind at all times. We are hopefully going to enjoy each day, learn lots, and make mistakes.