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This is Patti's 23rd year as a School Counselor, and her 19th year as a PSD Counselor.  Her professional passions are developing students’ social and emotional skills—including, but not limited to these skills:

  • Empathy
  • Self-management/regulation
  • Relationship skills--especially peace-making & conflict-resolution
  • Being a compassionate & mindful person  

She has worked with students from many different cultures and is semi-fluent in Spanish.  Geographically, Patti has personal and professional ties to New York (NYC & Buffalo), Wisconsin, and Florida.  On the personal side of life, she feels very fortunate to be married to Dan (a 5th grade teacher at Riffenburgh), and privileged to be the mom of Mady & Sage, her teen-age daughters.  Her interests include playing/coaching sports--especially basketball; waterskiing & fishing; backpacking & skiing; reading, singing & playing piano; and traveling.  This is her 2nd year at Kinard; students with last names A-G are on her caseload, but she and her colleague, Karen Irvine, work together to support the social, emotional, academic and career growth of all students during their years at Kinard.