Daily Announcements

November 17, 2022


Daily Announcements

Thursday, November 17th, 2022


Important Information:

  • Did you know that Kinard is first in the district for the number of cracked laptop screens? That’s right - we have had 52 cracked screens in the 2 ½ months so far this year, compared to an average of 25 for the next highest middle schools. This is not a statistic we are proud of because it does not reflect the respect we have for district resources. Having a broken computer costs the district money, and it is inconvenient for you, your teachers, and our technology staff. Will you work with us to reduce this number? Here are some things we can do together.

o   Always make sure to use your computer on a firm surface or on your lap

o   Make sure the computer is in the middle and not on the edge of a desk - this will help prevent you or others from accidentally knocking it off

o   Never put the computer on the floor in an area where someone could step on it

o   Use both hands to carry your laptop with the cover closed

o   Do not store your laptop under books or other items

o   Choose a backpack that has a padded computer pocket or invest in a soft zippered protective laptop sleeve

o   Place backpack in a safe location when storing laptop inside

o   Don’t throw your backpack or put stuff on top of it when your computer is inside


  • Starting on the Monday after our Thanksgiving break, we will have laptop safety classes during lunch for anyone who intentionally or accidentally damages a laptop. During this time, we will review safe handling practices and ask students to provide service to the school. 


  • Thank you for helping us reduce the expense and inconvenience resulting from broken laptops. We look forward to not leading the district in this area!


  • Please check the LOST & FOUND before the long holiday break!


  • STEM club is today after school from 3:15-4pm in Room 315.
  • Running club is also today after school outside the gym from 3:15-4pm.



  • Today the lunch options are:
    • Beef and bean burrito
    • Taco salad
  • Served for breakfast tomorrow is a yogurt parfait