Traffic and Parking Expectations

Kinard Traffic Expectations (revised August 2023)

1. Thank you for obeying the speed limit on Trilby (25 MPH)

2. No U-Turns on Trilby - Please proceed westbound and utilize the round-a-bout if you need to turn back towards Ziegler Rd.

3. Eastbound traffic on Trilby turning left into the south parking lot should fully merge into the center lane and yield between the cones ensuring that the thru lanes are clear at all times.

4. During afternoon pickup, please survey and fill all parking stalls in the south parking lot prior to queuing on the shoulder of Trilby Rd.

o If you are waiting to pick up your child curbside, please make sure that your wheels are fully in the gutter as far away from the thru lane as possible.

o Please do not stop your vehicle and wait to pick up your child in between the lines of parked cars. This creates an unsafe situation for children crossing in front of other cars driving in the thru lanes.

o If queued on the north side of Trilby Rd., please move with the traffic entering the oval. Do not stop and wait for your child on Trilby Rd., as it blocks cars from entering the oval.

5. Please do not enter the north parking lot in the back of the school to pick up your children. This curb is marked for emergency vehicles and buses only.

Morning Drop-Off Expectations

Upon entering the Kinard oval, you will notice two lanes along the oval. If you are dropping off your child, you must stay on the outside lane. The inside lane is a drive-thru lane that facilitates afternoon pick-up and allows for parents to enter the parking lot for parking only.

Drive along the oval and as far west as possible, up past the music entrance, before dropping off students. Students enter the building through the main entrance doors. If the traffic inside the oval comes to a stop, and you are next to a sidewalk, you will drop off your child, and they can use the sidewalk to walk to the main doors without risk.

Afternoon Pick-up Expectations

You may wait along either the Kinard oval, E. Trilby, or the south parking lot. School ends at 3:10 p.m. Many parents begin arriving at 3:00 p.m. Once you’re parked and it is after 3:10 p.m., use cell phones to communicate your location with your child. As traffic begins to move, make sure you are moving with traffic entering the oval. Do not park and wait along the north side of Trilby Rd. as this blocks cars from entering the oval. Once you have picked up your child, you may use the drive-thru lane to move around the oval. No U-turns and electronic devices after the pick-up (safety first).

School Zone

For the safety of us all, please remember that Kinard has a 20 MPH school zone running north and south of Trilby/Lady Moon before and after school.

Crossing Guards/Supervision

Kinard staffs four crossing guards who are present at this intersection in the morning and afternoon to support students safely crossing the street. Please follow their directions to make safety the top priority.

Kinard staff will be present on the oval in the morning and afternoon to welcome students and help keep the process flowing. Students need to be dropped off along the sidewalk where they do not have to cross the street.

Kinard staff are also present to supervise students and to assist students and parents in crossing the street at the crosswalks leading into the south parking lot. Please remember that Kinard staff are not trained traffic directors, they are simply there to help facilitate student safety.   

traffic diagram


Event Parking Map

Event Parking Map


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