SOFTBALL - 7th & 8th Grade Girls 

    Head Coach: Danny Hollweg - 
    Assistant Coaches: Kelly Karshner and Cayenne Kerbs
    Season Duration: 3/5/18 - 4/28/18 
    Practice Times: Monday - Friday  3:30pm - 5:30pm on the Softball Fields
    Game Schedule: Click to View Varsity Schedule  (JV Schedule  - TBD)


More Information:

Softball is a 7th and 8th grade sport for girls at Kinard.  Girls who participate will be placed on a varsity or junior varsity team for the duration of the season.  Team placement is dependent on individual skill level, not grade level.  Team placements will take place during the first week(s) of the season prior to the start of competition.  Students who participate in our softball program must be currently enrolled as a student at Kinard.  School uniforms and helmets are provided during competitions and are to be used for the duration of the season.  Students must provide their own softball mitt and cleats.  All athletes are required to complete the forms outlined below prior to the first practice date.  Each player must also provide the $90 participation fee before joining the team.  Players who do not complete required paperwork and pay the athletic fee will not be allowed to practice until cleared by our athletic office.  Please notify coaches of any medical needs that are specific to your child prior to the beginning of the season (i.e. asthma, etc.).

PSD Athletic Participation Requirements

All middle school students participating in PSD Athletics must complete all four pages of the PSD Middle School Athletic Participation Forms (NEW VERSION).  These forms must be printed, completed, signed, and turned into Kinard’s athletic office prior pre-season camps and/or tryouts.  Hard copies of the forms are available in the main office.  The forms include the following components:

  • Middle School Athletic Participation Permission and Release 
  • Student Athlete Medical Information
  • Physician Certification of Student Fitness for Athletic Participation
  • Payment of the $90 Participation Fee (per sport) - Due prior to the first day of practice

Keep in mind that these forms require that you schedule a physical exam and obtain a doctor’s signature.  This process can be time consuming and requires that you plan ahead to arrange for an appointment at a clinic well before the start of the season.  Please note that these new forms need to be completed for the current academic year.  Previously completed release forms are no longer valid for the 2016-2017 season.  If your child has previously completed a physical exam and already has a doctor’s signature on file at Kinard, it may still be valid IF it the one year expiration date of the signatures extends beyond the end date of the season.  The physical form expires one year from the original date of completion and needs to be renewed annually prior to participation.  In addition, based on PSD’s new requirements, all athletes must pay the $90 participation fee before the first day of practice via SchoolPay or with checks payable to Kinard Middle School.  Any student who does not have the payments and required paperwork on file will not be allowed to participate until all requirements have been met.  After all PSD forms have been completed by you and your doctor, please submit the paperwork to the main office, or directly to the coaches.