6th Grade

Staff Name Subject Area Linked Page Name
Irvine, Karen Counseling Irvine Learning Page
Young, Patti Counseling Young Learning Page
Springett, Sarah English Springett Learning Page
Shannon, Tracy English Shannon Learning Page
Graham, Andy English Graham Learning Page
Rollings, Chase History Rollings Learning Page - History and Science
Ashe, Katie History Ashe Learning Page - History and Science
Eitsert, Michaela History Eitsert Learning Page - History and Science
Raugewitz, Matt Mathematics Raugewitz Learning Page
Gorely, Amanda Mathematics Gorely Learning Page
Nelson, Lindsey Mathematics Nelson Learning Page
Williams, Alicia Mathematics Williams Learning Page
Eitsert, Michaela Science Eitsert Learning Page - History and Science
Rollings, Chase Science Rollings Learning Page - History and Science
Ashe, Katie Science Ashe Learning Page - History and Science
Furtner, Benjamin Encore Furtner Learning Page - PE
Jordan, Bre Encore Jordan Learning Page - PE and Health
Wheeler, Scott Encore Wheeler Learning Page - Choir / Drama
Vizzini, Greg Encore Vizzini Learning Page - Art
Perez, Mike Encore Perez Learning Page - Band
Griffey, Leanne Encore Griffey Learning Page - Orchestra
Husted, Leslie World Language Husted Learning Page - Spanish
Drobnick, Jillian World Language Drobnick Learning Page - Spanish
Socolofsky, Sarah World Language Socolofsky Learning Page - French
Moerbe, Amanda World Language Moerbe Learning Page - Spanish
Dietz, Jessica Integrated Services - ILS Dietz Learning Page
Garnett, Ansley Integrated Services - Multicategorical Garnett Learning Page
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