Where Everyone Belongs (WEB): A Transition Program

Transitions can be tough for any of us, and the change from elementary school to middle school can be especially challenging for young adolescents.  The move to a new school includes the expected changes in school size and climate, academic expectations and peer relationships at the same time students are experiencing the unpredictable physical, cognitive and emotional changes associated with puberty.  The stress of these numerous changes can sometimes result in lower grades, a drop in academic motivation and a decrease in self-esteem.

One of the Poudre School Districts' primary goals is the smooth, successful transition of students from one educational level to the next.  According to research by the National Middle School Association, "a well designed transition program can recreate the strong sense of belonging the entering middle school student felt in their elementary setting; a key element associated with the positive motivation to enjoy and succeed in academic tasks."

WEB, which stands for Where Everyone Belongs, is a proactive transition program designed to assist incoming students to feel welcomed, included and successful during the first few months of their middle school experience.  WEB is also a leadership development program for 8th grade students.  The training and work of WEB Leaders reinforces self confidence, teambuilding and collaboration, organization, planning and oral presentation skills.

Each year we select a group of enthusiastic 8th grade student leaders who are trained to become WEB Leaders: the heart of this outstanding program.  Incoming 6th grade students will receive welcoming phone calls from WEB Leaders during the summer, and on the first day of school WEB Leaders help facilitate fun, informative orientation activities.  Throughout the first year of middle school WEB Leaders will be "checking in" with 6th graders to see how they are adjusting academically and socially to Kinard.

We are sensitive to the anxieties new students might be feeling as they move into middle school.  We look forward to meeting and supporting our new incoming Mustangs and their families.  If you have questions about the WEB program at Kinard, or about transition issues in general, contact Karen Irvine, counselor, at 488-5408 or

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